Friday, August 18, 2006

Interesting sighting of Julien Duvivier -- Cannes 1959

The Criterion dvd for “The Four Hundred Blows” includes a vintage short entitled “Reflets de Cannes”, the bulk of this short consists of François Chalais interviewing Jean-Pierre Leaud, but the last 45 seconds or so include some newsreel shots of that films showing at the festival that year. What I noticed that was interesting there was this. There is first a clip from behind of Leaud and Jean Cocteau sitting in the front row, then one of Albert Remy also from behind. Then there is this very interesting clip. Then newsreel narrator says, “Even the eyes of the jury lit up” and there is an over-lit shot of a prosperous looking middle-aged man. That unidentified man is the director Julien Duvivier who sat on the jury at Cannes in 1959.


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