Monday, January 01, 2007

Eric Rohmer on scriptwriting

Transcribed from the Parlons Cinema interview released as a special feature on the Criterion DVD for La Collectioneuse. Eric Rohmer speaking at just 27:00,

"A story either comes about by chance or it's the fruit of a thought process that takes a long time to develop. Very few films have truly original scripts. Today's [1976] scripts aren't very original although perhaps more than before but on the other hand they lack the compelling power of earlier cinema. Scripts used to be adapted from existing stories that were thrilling, interesting enthralling to the audiences. Now scripts are pages from private journals so the audience isn't interested even if it's a very refined intellectual one."

at about 37:00

"I think that perhaps the great discovery that made the New Wave possible wasn't the 16mm or hand-held camera but the tape recorder."



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