Sunday, August 20, 2006

Francis Ford Coppola on "Patton"

Francis Ford Coppola on the DVD commentary for "Patton" for which he had written the first screenplay.

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Discussing his opening sequence which was not liked but was used in the final script.

"Now, all you young people, bear note that the things that you are fired for are often the things that later in life you are celebrated for."

He also tells of how in 1969, he bought a German Steinbeck film editing machine which he rented to Twientieth Century-Fox. One day, he got a call from Fox telling him that the machine was not working and asking if he could send a repairman over. He had no repairman, so he took his tools and went himself. While fixing the Steinbeck, he noticed that the film he had been given to test with was a war film. So, he asked the editor as he was leaving, "What film was that?" When the editor answered "Patton", Coppola told the editor, "You know I wrote that film."


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