Friday, September 22, 2006

Jean Renoir's last letter

This is the last letter that Jean Renoir wrote six months and one day before his death addressed to François Truffaut.
It is from "Jean Renoir : letters / edited by David Thompson and Lorraine LoBianco ; translations by Craig Carlson, Natasha Arnoldi, Michael Wells ; translations of the letters of François Truffaut by Anneliese Varaldiev"

To François Truffaut
11 August 1978

Dear François.
I am sending this note for no practical purpose. You know how fond I am of you, and I know how fond you are of me. I am repeating aloud because I enjoy it. It is like a brief farewell on a station platform. All that is missing is the sweet smell of the soot from Victoria Station.
You don’t need anybody to help you transport your friends into a world whose citizens are all genuine knights. The New Wave gathers together its barons at a round table.
Dido and I send our love.
Jean Renoir


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