Sunday, September 17, 2006

Samson Raphaelson on himself vis-a-vis Tennessee Williams

Samson Raphaelson : I am a better craftsman than Eugene O’Neill - no comparison - than Tennessee Williams - no comparison. But they’re much better playwrights than I am.

Bill Moyers : Why?

Samson Raphaelson : Because their life, in both cases, feed, marvelously, into their plays. Their tragedies are part of the tragedies that they write. And -- Tennessee Williams writes one marvelous and bad play after another which if he sat down with me for two hours I could do miracles on. But I’d never be as good as the guy who wrote.

From "A Portrait of Samson Raphaelson" an episode in the "Creativity with Bill Moyers" series broadcast by PBS in the mid 1980s.


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