Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Marcel Pagnol talking about Raimu

In the December 1965 issue, Cahiers du Cinema published an interviewed with the writer-director Marcel Pagnol by Gérard Guégan, Jean-André Fieschi and Jacques Rivette. Here is one interesting exchange:

CAHIERS: Was The Baker's Wife shot entirely on location?

PAGNOL: Oh, no. We had to use the studio. I am going to tell you why, it's something interesting. Raimu could not play a long scene outside. The wind bothered him. A real tree bothered him. And he was better at nine at night than during the day; he had been acting on the stage for thirty years. So we had to make copies of the trunks of the platanes that were close to the cafe terrace. the results were remarkable.

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